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    We are the national body for social enterprise – business with a social or environmental mission.

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    Latest information and support for social enterprises on the coronavirus outbreak.


    We have members all over the UK as well as in various parts of the world. You can view all our members on a map as well as searching for particular organisations and locations.


    This research is based on the responses of social enterprises to a survey looking in depth at the impact of COVID-19. It looks at how social enterprises are at the heart of community responses to the pandemic and how they are falling through the cracks in existing support.



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    We currently partner with organisations as diverse as Johnson & Johnson, NHS England and the World Bank but are always keen to explore new relationships – we would be delighted to hear from you.

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    • Refugee Week 2020

      For Refugee Week 2020 and World Refugee Day, we’ve put together this shortlist of just a few of the incredible social enterprises working to ensure that refugees are welcomed, supported and their contributions acknowledged. Read more

    • Social enterprises are a critical part of the UK economy and must be supported through COVID-19

      Our Director of External Affairs, Andrew O'Brien, on just why it's so important that social enterprises are supported through Covid-19 and some of the key things we want Government to do in order to support the social enterprise community. Read more

    • ios能用的梯子2022

      Some of the ways social enterprise dentist CDS CIC is continuing its work providing dental services to some of the most vulnerable groups in society, adapting its practices to deal with the pandemic and providing tooth brushing packs to rough sleepers. Read more

    Press Releases

    • Response to Big Society Capital's Quadrennial Review

      Our response to Big Society Capital's Quadrennial Review on the good work done by the social investment wholesaler and what needs to change.Read more

    • Social Enterprise UK response to furlough scheme and shielding workers

      We welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement at PMQs that the furlough scheme will be addressed to consider the needs of shielding workers.ios能用的梯子2022

    • SEUK statement - Black Lives Matter

      SEUK statement - Black Lives MatterRead more

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